About Bob Gamble Counseling


Although I work with a wide range of clients, the primary emphasis of my work is with those who serve others. These are the “sheepdogs” and care givers who dedicate their lives to protecting and helping others: police officers, firefighters, paramedics, military personnel, nurses, doctors, pastors, and other professionals who are dedicated to helping others. My mission is to provide care and support to these individuals, and their families, through my trauma-focused and person-centered therapeutic approach.


 My vision is to provide effective and accessible counseling support, in a safe and comfortable environment, to those who are struggling. My goal is to be a resource for those who may be reluctant or uncomfortable reaching out for help. Many of those who serve others, especially those who face danger and risk in their duties, are reluctant to admit that they are vulnerable to the normal effects of high levels of stress and impacts of job-related trauma. I envision this practice as a safe haven for those who are suffering, especially those who have been impacted by their service to others.


The famous psychologist Carl Rogers developed a system pf psychotherapy based on the principle of “unconditional positive regard,” a relationship orientation which acknowledges that every person has value and accepts each individual without judgement or expectations. This person-centered therapy orientation aligns well with my Christian faith, which is the foundation of my values as a counselor.

Bob Gamble MA, LPC


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Meet Bob Gamble

Bob is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and pastoral counselor. Bob completed a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling from Liberty University after retiring from a career in law enforcement. His career included 23 years as a police officer in the Upstate of South Carolina and five years as a firefighter/paramedic. Bob became interested in counseling while serving as a volunteer in peer support and crisis intervention for law enforcement personnel. As his interest in counseling grew, he joined the care ministries department of his church and began volunteering as a lay counselor. This growing interest led him to return to graduate school and to retire from law enforcement in order to go into counseling full time. In addition to his practice Bob is a member of two crisis response teams and is active in his church in care ministries and missions. Bob also holds a Master of Arts degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion, both from Auburn University.

Bob specializes in working with individuals struggling with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), posttraumatic stress symptoms, trauma, grief and loss. His background and training have uniquely prepared him to work with First Responders and their families. Bob also works with mental health issues including anxiety, depression, anger, despair, life transitions, relationship conflict, and other common struggles. Although Bob employs a variety of strategies in his approach to counseling, he places a strong emphasis on helping clients find meaning and purpose in life. In this regard, Bob takes a holistic approach to counseling and helping clients develop a vision of hope beyond their current struggles. Although Bob is a pastoral counselor, he respects everyone’s faith and beliefs. Faith-based counseling is an option, but only if the client requests this approach. 

Bob is a trained facilitator in the Prepare/Enrich marriage counseling program. He offers premarital and marriage counseling using the Prepare/Enrich program. Bob also offers training for groups and organizations for stress management and crisis intervention.

Bob is a member of the following professional organizations:

The International Critical Incident Stress Foundation: Certified Instructor for Assisting Individuals in Crisis and Group Crisis Intervention courses.

The American Association of Christian Counselors

The American Counseling Association